Corporate Objectives
    • To build sophisticated ships for the customers as on required basis, with a aim in contributing to the industry for achieving self sufficiency in this vibrant field.
    • To undertake repairs of ships and offshore installations.
    • Make sustained efforts for self-reliance through continuous R&D on extensive basis and develop viable design capability.
    • To built environment friendly modern luxury yatches to promote tourism and water sports.
    • To create safe and environment friendly environment in working condition.
    • Adopt latest technology in shipbuilding and ensure safe and healthy working practices.
    • Maintain high standard of quality through strict quality control measures to the fullest satisfaction of the customer and to build up an image of the Company.
    • To improve standards of safety with the help of a sound safety organization and training personnel at all levels in safety so as to reduce accidents and loss of man-hours.
    • To reinforce Government’s efforts in promoting social justice to the people at large by formulating corporate policies on employment, welfare, workers’ participation, consistent with the Government’s policies.
    • Generation and maximization of internal financial resources for enhancing growth and maximization of the return on investment.